Case Study

Yeshivat Maharat Wix DB


With dozens of scholars, this school had hundreds of articles and writings to share, and wanted visitors to be able to find them, and filter them based on topics (in this case, mostly books of Moses, and sections within those books). They had been trying to keep their list up to date manually, but it was time-consuming, difficult to organize, and impossible to search.


Their website was already built on Wix, so I created a few database tables within their account uploaded all of their data with a few spreadsheet imports, and built a front-end library with custom filters using Wix's propriety Javascript-based Corvid platform. The library now lists all of the available writings, and has special filters at the top that update themselves, and the results, based on which books area available and which portions are in which book. Clicking on a title takes the visitor to a pdf.


The school’s staff are thrilled to have a system that’s easy to manage, organized, and a great user experience for visitors.

Yeshivat Library-top
Yeshivat Library-select boxes
Yeshivat Library-db tables
Yeshivat Library-code
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