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ClassySync plugin


This organization manages a fundraising bike ride every year in Israel. They moved their ride-donation-management operations to a new vendor: Classy. There is a plugin offered by Classy, but it doesn't do exactly what is wanted here - they wanted a custom rider list, with icons, and top ten lists, and a thermometer, none of which existing tools offered.


I created a custom plugin that syncs regularly with the Classy API in order to import rider and team information (from multiple Classy events), and update existing data as well (rider names, teams, amounts pledged, amounts raised, etc). In addition, the plugin has shortcodes for the rider list, thermometer, and top ten lists which can be customized to be the Classy event, which kind of top-ten list, and more.


The new plugin makes their operations super-easy. They can do whatever management they want to do on Classy, their riders can manage their own information, and the main organization website automatically updates everything a few times to day to keep everything in sync. It takes only a few clicks to add a new Classy event and get it syncing. They are so happy to have everything working smoothly and looking exactly as they need. In fact, they asked me to adapt the plugin to work on another site that does similar work.

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