Springthistle Technology is a full-service website shop, providing high-quality website-related services to individuals, non-profits, and corporations alike.

Since I started Springthistle in 1999, I’ve created websites for a wide range of purposes, from small straight-forward mini-sites, to medium-sized synagogue and church websites, to complex custom-CMS unique data-driven sites. Everyone needs a website, and I work with my clients to figure out what their needs are and build a custom website to spec.

Many past and current clients write to thank me for their websites. Take a look at their testimonials, which speak for themselves.

Founder Aaron Hodge Silver

I worked for big companies (About.com, DoubleClick, Wolters Kluwer, and others) for 10 years before becoming a full-time freelancer in 2003.

When not working, I enjoy cooking, reading fiction, walking the dog, hanging out with my flock of chickens, corrupting the minds of my two kids, creating fine art and cleaning the house.