Case Study

Cision news releases tool


A company that has a WordPress website, but manages its new releases via a separate tool called Cision, wants its news releases automatically imported and displayed. Copying and pasting the data and text every time there's a news release would be impractical and time-consuming.


I built a custom plugin that accesses Cision's API to pull in and save in the WordPress database all new news releases. It checks daily. Once data have been imported, they can also be edited in the WordPress dashboard if necessary.

Since the Cision API only allows access to the most recent 50 items, a part of this plugin is also a one-time importer that parses XML backups to import previous news releases.

I also built the HTML/CSS/JS for the front-end.

News Releases landing page
Manage News Releases


The client’s website stays fully up to date at all times, while they are able to use their favorite external tool to manage part of their data.
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