Case Study

MN350 EveryAction Events Sync


This organization manages their upcoming events schedule, including the all-important sign-up forms, through a third-party service that is also their entire CRM. They want to show upcoming events on their website, but they don't want to have to manage two identical lists of events (one on WordPress, one on the CRM). They need an automatic sync.


The CRM, called EveryAction, offers an API that accepts queries and returns responses with information about events. I wrote a custom WordPress plugin that does the following: regularly queries the API to get a list of upcoming events, adds new events to a WordPress database, updates events already in the WordPress database, displays upcoming events on the front-end of the website, prints sign-up forms as appropriate.


Now this organization can simply manage their events in one place, in their CRM, and know that their website will be automatically kept up-to-date. Just in case they have an urgent change to “publish” between the sites, I also include a “Sync Now” button which allows them to do just that. And events that are tagged “featured” show up in a special place on the homepage.

MN350 Events List
MN350 Events Single Event
MN350 Events Admin List
MN350 Events List Edit Event
MN350 Events custom plugin