Case Study

Artist Aviv


An artist has decades worth of artwork in a variety of media that he'd like to showcase to the world. It has to be well-organized and easy to maintain and keep up to date, because he's always too busy doing something else to spend time on his website. He also sells poster prints of some of his work, and wants those to be easy to order.


I create a custom post type for him to manage his artwork, and a variety of pages that automatically categorize the artwork by media. Additionally, there are convenient pages that automatically pull art that's for sale, or has a poster print is available. Additionally, any piece of artwork that's available as a print has an automatically-generated form that displays in an overlay. There is also a one-click way for visitors to indicate their interest in buying a piece (the artist doesn't want to sell the art online).


This clean and organized new website shows off the artist’s work just the way he wants it, and has also created a number of automated systems that makes it easy to keep it up to date.

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Artist Aviv – artwork
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