Case Study

Episcopal Diocese of Central NY


The Episcopal Diocese of Center New York was in need of a new website that's well-organized, powerful, good-looking, and easy for a power user to customize.


I built a new website for the Diocese, starting with a premium theme with Visual Composer which would allow their power-user website administrator to do as much as she wanted. In addition to that, I helped layout the homepage, building a number of custom shortcodes and functions in the process both for retrieving and displaying information. I did even more - customized The Events Calendar, a plugin I work with with a lot, to suit their needs; customized their search results to display the post type; and added other powerful plugins, like one that allows them to manage and track a large library of downloadable resources.


The new website has served the Diocese very well. They’re able to get information out to their parishes and other constituents quickly and easily, reducing the staff load. The communications staff member has been able to keep the site updated and functioning smoothly with the tools we created for her in the site.

Over time, the Diocese has come back to me many times to help them redesign individual pages and add new enhancements to the site.

Homepage blog posts
Map of parishes
Managed resource library
Search results with custom icons