Case Study

Coalition Against Trafficking Women


The Coalition Against Trafficking Women needed a new website to replace their old one. For the new website, I was provided a detailed design with a lot of custom functionality implied, including multiple language versions.


I created a new theme from scratch, leveraging quick-development tools like Sass and Bootstrap. The new site is beautiful, responsive, and has a number of custom post types for news, resources, actions, and more. I created a custom map (built on Google maps, with custom colors and markers) of partners which the organization's staff can update via simple GUI system on the back-end. I created a custom timeline that works on a slider, massages to work as the designer intended. Custom content blocks allow the users to lay out their content in predictable consistent ways without having to worry about the learning curve of a drag-and-drop builder that can do too much.

I also built this site on WordPress MultieSite, so that the other two languages can be managed, using the same theme and sharing many of the same global site settings, with their own languages intact.


The organization has a beautiful, responsive, engaging site that they can use to connect with their constituents and encourage people to learn more and taken action. The content is all easily managed without the need for advanced technical skills and users visiting the site can find what they’re looking for easily.

Homepage (second section)
Homepage (third section)
Layout example
Take Action page
Custom map (easily managed from back-end)
Custom timeline with slider
FAQ page
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