Case Study

WCCNY website


This organization's website was on Nationbuilder, and it wasn't working very well for them. The back-end wasn't organized the way they wanted and making changes to the front-end was tedious and constrained.


I created a custom WordPress theme that exactly matched the design they were using on Nationbuilder. This new theme also has custom layout elements that make it easy for staff and volunteers to keep the content up to date easily. I also created a custom-themed events-management tool for this site that automatically displays upcoming events, separates past events onto a separate page, and has a beautiful layout for event-detail pages. In addition, I helped WCC migrate their CRM operations to Neon, which is working for them much better and I've integrated it seamlessly with the WordPress site.


Everyone is so much happier with their new site. They can manage their own content easily, while also managing their CRM in Neon without having to duplicate any work. The WordPress site has been stable for them and easy to use.

Standard page
Event detail
Donate (on Neon)