New! Universal WordPress How To PDF

how-to-pdfWhenever I publish a WordPress website, I create a custom how-to pdf document for that client. It includes all the basics that they need to know in order to manage their WordPress content.

After modifying and perfecting this document for years, it’s finally ready for public release. This particular pdf is not customized to anyone in particular! Rather, it’s a universal version and contains information that’ll be useful to all of Springthistle’s clients, such as:

  • Adding and Editing Pages
  • Making Use of Plugins
  • Understanding Shortcodes
  • Regular Maintenance and Backing Up

Download Springthistle’s Universal Basic WordPress How To

Mind you, I’ll still be customizing this doc for all of my clients, adding to the “Special Content,” “Plugins,” and “Shortcodes” sections as applies to their sites.

posted Dec 1 2009