Super Functions Pack gets file type icons

The latest update of my Super Functions Pack plugin is now released; version 1.3.2. This new version gives you the option to add document types styles. I had a separate plugin for the document type styles that I never put in the WordPress Plugin Directory but was using for many of my clients’ websites. I decided to fold that functionality in.

To enable the new feature, go to Settings > Super Functions Pack > Settings and turn on the checkbox next to ‘Include document types styles?’

Click the ‘Save Changes‘ button and you’ll see that a new field appears with a list of the support file extensions.

If you don’t see the list, click ‘Load defaults‘ and they’ll appear.

Now when you view your website, any link that connects to a file with one of the listed extensions will have the appropriate icon.

Want to remove one of the default extensions? Simply delete it from the list and that extension will be ignored.

Want to add a missing extension? Find or create a gif file named appropriate (icon-ext.gif) and upload it to your website’s wp-content/uploads/ directory. If you want to replace one of the icons I’ve provided with the plugin, uploading a replacing icon to that directory will take care of it.

To get started, download and install the plugin, or update it if you’ve already got it.

Questions? Suggestions? Email me!

posted Aug 23 2011